The Benefits of Renting to Baby Boomers


The older generation could become the horizon for the multifamily business. There are several reasons that make an elder crowd better tenants, and a better investment opportunity for property owners.

“The last thing any apartment owner wants to see inside a unit is a Hangover sequel produced by irresponsible renters. Let’s face it, some people who rent don’t treat their homes like they would want to be treated.”

The is a winning-winning situation for all parties renting the multifamily properties to elder crowds, they are smarter with their expenses, they realize their financial situation and they are have the capability to have more interest in taking care of their home as if it was theirs.

“The multifamily rental industry has charge led by baby boomers perhaps opens opportunities for landlords to have their rent and eat it, too. These are presumably a more responsible lot – they’ve raised their children, achieved their corporate standing and climbed their social ladders – and are less likely to head-butt walls. They’ll probably leave the place much like they found it.

It only supports why apartment industry executives have another reason to embrace the evolving aging of population. Baby boomers are entering their golden years and appear to be hanging around longer than previous generations. The rate of people over 65 and 75 is growing, and becoming a desirable demographic for the apartment industry.”


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