Testing the Benefits of Smart Home Technology




Technology has develop lots of new features in the Real Estate industry, especially in facilitating daily tasks making them more automated. Having the power to control almost any appliance in your house, using the smartphones apps is the future of homes. There is a lot of potential to grow, in a particular market that is developing, the only downside is its price tag. “This is smart home technology” “All of this would be fabulous to install in apartment homes, except it costs about $50,000 a unit.”

Utilities, lighting, plug loads, doors, and windows are among components that can be monitored and accessed through smartphones, tablets, and other devices. At least two apartment developers are finding out how smart home technology can work for them. Forest City Residential Group and AMLI Residential are testing smart devices at some communities.

In these industry looking for success sometimes means differentiating from the rest, these developers are integrating new technology in communities expecting good feedback and good advice from residents to keep improvements.

Also, a very important factor is using technology to communicate with residents effectively and rapidly with new systems, this will allow them to improve their communication and customer service.


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