Simple Ways to Fill Vacancies Quickly, Carefully, Intelligently



Vacancies can come up at the most unexpected times. The end of a year, even though it’s a holiday season, is no exception. Neither are the early months of winter when fewer moves occur. That’s why property managers need multiple ways to attract new residents that work all year round. It’s also effective to have many clever methods that will fill vacancies as quickly as possible.


Here are a few more ideas for filling your vacancies as quickly as possible:


  1. Gather contact information on local churches and synagogues. Ask for the name of the secretary or director of services. When vacancies arise email them pertinent information useful to their congregants.
  2. Do you have a local Housing Authority in your community? If so discover how you can serve their housing needs. Ask them for their suggestions on how you can be a source of help.
  3. Create your own list of reliable current residents with whom you’ve built strong relationships. Ask for their help in finding more people like them to be their neighbors. Residents feel respected when you offer them the chance to bring in referrals. A “thank you” gift is smart too.


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