Mobile marketing strategies for real estate: Responsive design and mobile-friendly website can help capture more business

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Studies show 79 percent of mobile users who find a site difficult to use will look for the information they need on another site and never return.

There are several marketing strategies that can be tackle for the real estate industry, but nothing seems to be more efficient than mobile marketing. Almost 90 percent of shoppers use their mobile device during a property search, this is a pretty staggering stats, and a proof of real estate consumers are using more their mobile than the average consumer.

One of the most important things you should do to attract mobile users is to create a mobile-friendly website.  That means if your competitor has a mobile site and you don’t, you’re sending them a ton of business. Also, it is important to keep your website updated with the latest information since consumers are waiting for the trending relevant data. Three important factors to have in mind while building a website:

  1. Simply change your template!
  2. Build a mobile website.
  3. Build a responsive website.

Stay tuned, because before you actually build that mobile site, you should know exactly what mobile consumers want and need when they land on a mobile website.


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