FocalPoints is our proprietary framework on which all other services are created, integrated and managed.

Many of the practices in use today to manage property were small incremental variations of the pure analog (Phone and File) systems that have been around since the industry began. None of these systems are truly a fresh approach to managing properties and as expectations and needs adapted they failed to keep up. This approach provided a new face to an old practice and in itself created new problems that are not addressed at all.



JW Real had a thought (wipe the slate clean and start with an all new business concept and model that places the focus on addressing the needs of today’s property owners.)  After analyzing  the expectations and needs of property owners we found that the solutions in the industry today were just not adequate to meet those needs.  After categorizing these needs certain patterns and organization started to form, out of which came four major points of focus of which all other needs fell within.  After the full picture was developed what we had was a highly organized and fresh approach to managing property (or almost anything for that matter) and we named this FocalPoints.





From FocalPoints all other features were generated until all of the needs that we identified were addressed within the system.  Once we had all the items addressed we  went out looking for the technological tools to make it all work and bring this product to our property management clients.  By using various existing products in innovative ways, integrating these products to interact with each other, and reinventing the communications tools that we use and the ways in which we use them, an advanced management system emerged.  This system is not just a random collection of practices, but rather a highly organized framework that allows us to adapt our system as the needs of our clients adapt even as the technology we use improves and evolves around it.