DIY or Hire a Pro for carpet cleaning? (Miami’s metro area)

So the big question DIY or Hire a pro?

Short answer: Hire a pro
Most inexperienced home owners really get nervous when its time to hire a contractor. This is due, mostly because of the horror stories that go around about home owners getting ripped off. It not only take a special kind of person but also takes experience to deal with contractors. Now if lets look at alternatives. 

If you go about this option you need to rent equipment. This equipment can vary from 20 to 100 dollars per day. Plus whatever chemical they can upsale you at your local store. If you would like to go this route it could work if your carpet is not too dirty. At the end of the day it will cost you about 100.00 plus how much you value your time and gas.

Carpet Cleaning Professional:
a carpet cleaning pro in the Miami metro area will charge you a min of 100.00 on average and around 50.00 extra per room. If you have 4 rooms it could be up to 250.00. However if you get a reliable and trusted contractor you will receive great service, clean it with eco-friendly products and make the problem a breeze.

When going with a pro is VERY important to do reasearch and ask them many questions. Ask them as much questions as you can.

If you need a carpet cleaning vendor do to the work always one that is willing to build a relationship with you and that he or she is not concerned strictly about the transactional value. We use they always seem to do a great job and honest job when it comes to the dirtiest carpets.


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