About Us

JW REAL LLC. was created to develop new techniques utilizing the latest in computer, software and communication infrastructure to better service the needs and demands of the modern property owner/landlord. There are efficiencies and quality that we have come to expect in large international corporations. The kind of service and communications that today’s clients demand come from the type of instant communication that many large companies have provided to their clients and customers. As a primarily small and local business, property management companies function much like they have for decades and that is not in line with modern consumer expectations.

JW Real was set up to provide the service and efficiencies that we as consumers demand and that are lacking in the industry today. With a team of real estate and business specialties represented, JW Real Management is able to assign all relevant management tasks to those best suited to meet the requirements of that task as well as maintaining the focus and efficiencies it demands.
See our sections on Services and Who We Are to learn more…

  • Full Service Residential Property Management
  • Leasing Service
  • Tenant Application Scoring
  • Tenant Screening (Background Check)
  • Lease Creation and Administration
  • Rent Collection
  • Accounting and Reporting of Income and Expenses
  • Maintenance Services and Vendor Coordination
  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline
  • Advanced Communication Tools
  • Advanced Owner and Tenant Portals
  • Asset Evaluation
  • Marketing Services
  • Much Much more …
Who we are
JW Real is a newly formed company spun off from the EDGE Asset Management LLC business portfolio.  As one of the founders and partners of EDGE Asset Management with almost 20 years experience in the residential property market, Mr. Webster has seen the need for an entirely new way to manage residential properties.  This need has led to the products and services developed and offered by JW Real LLC.  JW Real LLC. operates within teams to assure no single point of failure would affect the efficiency and effectiveness of our service provided to you.  See the section below on our teams to learn more.
What Makes Us Different
JW Real has a unique way of managing, that comes from the innovative way that it was founded. The first thing that we had to do was determine the needs and wants of our property owners and tenants.  Next we created a feature/service to address these needs.  Then we looked at how we communicate internally and externally between owners, tenant, and vendors.  Using existing technology and software along with special purpose software and integrations created by and for JW Real we pulled all of that knowledge together and use the tools and technology to bring maximum effectiveness and efficiencies to the features that we had created.

Meet the Teams

Each team has different specialties

Life Cycle Management

Owner → Property → Tenant

We accommodate daily needs of your property through tasks and then following the LifeCycle to make sure that all tasks are complete. These tasks are done by teams and not assigned to individuals, providing the best processing time available.

Business Relations

Marketing - Publicity

Our specialized team works together creating efficient marketing campaigns that generate publicity for your properties targeting all prime real estate websites. This team aslo administers the RemoteAccess program that was designed to increase showings and security of the property while decreasing vacancy, theft and uncertainty.

Maintenance Division

In-house - Contractors - Vendors

We have access to the a large pool of vetted contractors for most every need that your property may have. We also have inhouse service helping to make sure that all maintenance issues are resolved and complete as efficiently and affordably as possible. Service is the most challenging and critical aspects to income and rental properties and for this reason it is one of the 3 primary focal points of our management system.