4 Tips for Property Maintenance to Improve Quality and Service

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Property Managers understand the importance in offering a higher service in maintenance, and be constantly improving to keep the appearance and condition of their apartment or home. Knowing that maintenance plays such a critical role, for the renewal and for fluent management, here are 4 tips that could be easily applied and have beneficial outcome.


1. Identify Common Maintenance Service Requests

“As an entire team, sit together and identify the 10 most common service requests at your community. For each of those 10, identify if there is a troubleshooting tip the office can suggest to the resident to see if they can resolve it on their own (i.e., reset button on garbage disposal or outlet), and define five key questions the maintenance team would like you to ask regarding that service request to get the best detail possible.

2. Follow Up on Every Maintenance Service Request

Follow-up on every completed service request, whether by phone or email. Be sure to ask, “Did we complete everything to your expectation?” and “Is there anything else we can do for you?”

3. Introduce Maintenance Service Team Members by Name

During tours, if you see a maintenance team member, introduce them by name to the prospect and give some highlights about them such as, “Joe’s been taking care of this community for nine years now” or “Jackie and her team are usually able to resolve any service request within 24 hours.”

4. Nurture Communication between Maintenance and Office Teams

Nurture constant communication between the maintenance team and the property management team. The better the communication and respect within the entire team, the more comfortable and secure the residents feel about the service they are receiving. There’s not room here for Us vs. Them. We’re all on the same team!”


  1. I’d love to have a property manager that follows these guidelines. My property is a mess and could use some attention. What I’d love to do is find someone to take care at least seven tasks that need to be kept up on. It sounds like a property manager will give feedback on different services.

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