As more properties turn environmental conscious, the investment opportunity becomes more profitable and interesting. It may be that time to start taking inventory of all properties and start making the difference with new implementation of energy saving methods.  Investors tend to think in the long run investment return, so implementing this energy saving tools could save lots of money, time and help the environment.

Here are some tips that could become extremely useful:

  • “Unplug unused appliances. Even if the device is turned off, it will continue to use electricity if plugged in.
  • Turn off your computer at night. More than a quarter of all computers used in this country are left on overnight. Take a minute and turn it off.
  • Adjust your thermostat. Just a few degrees up in the summer or down in the winter can lower your utility bills, and you’ll hardly notice the difference.
  • Reduce your paperwork by implementing document management software that will allow you to scan and save paperwork in a virtual file, eliminating those endless piles of paper.
  • Recycle paper and aluminum cans.
  • Limit your use of paper and plastic cups and plates.
  • Replace power draining devices with new energy efficient models. By updating desktop systems, laptops, and printers, you’ll save energy, and be cooler as well, since the newer devices don’t produce as much heat as their older counterparts.
  • Implement an online rent payment system. Accepting electronic checks and credit cards eliminates the need to make those daily deposits when rent is due.
  • Install low-flow toilets in vacant units and replace as tenants move out. The same can be done with low-flow shower devices as well.
  • If you live in a semi-arid or desert environment, consider xeriscaping for your landscaping. It will save you a tremendous amount of upkeep and water.”


Some of this implementations could result useful and beneficial for investors, conserving energy, lowering bills, and cut the amount waste of energy.